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Nikki and Dave


Nikki knew exactly what she wanted which was Red roses so I recommended Red Naomi roses which smell amazing and is the best quality rose.

Nikki said she didn't want anything formal like just a domed bouquet so I suggested some foliage that was trailing and grasses. It was still an Hand tied bouquet but I gave it the Paeony touch of jasmine trails, lily grass and tree ivy with gorgeous black Berry's to give a different texture and look of the bouquet.

It was also finished with Black satin ribbon and thin red ribbon to give a corset like effect as this was the style of the back her dress.

The bridesmaids was different too with 2 of them being in red and the other in black. Nikki wanted the bridesmaids in red to have White Naomi roses with black ribbon and then red ribbon finish like the brides bouquet and then the bridesmaid in black to have a smaller version to brides bouquet.

These photo's was kindly received by Townend Photography a local photographer based in Barnsley South Yorkshire who has a very relaxed and calming attitude towards his photography. Mark mentioned he was very excited to see the flowers himself as Nikki had mentioned them in their meetings.

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