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Memories of 2014 Part 1

It has been an amazing year 2014!! I have loved every wedding I've made and it was so lovely to be part of them all.

Here are some of the memories from 2014 starting with Lucy and Stuart's New year Eve wedding...

All photo credits will be on the bottom of each image x


Lucy and Stuart

Flower theme Vintage in peaches and creams.

Peach Avalanche Spray Roses, Gypsophilia, Phlox, lilac, scabious seed heads and eucupltus


Deeba and Imran

Flower Theme Red roses with navy blue, Red Naomi roses, monkshood, and trachelium.


Charlotte and Karl

Flower Theme wild and wispy of David Austin roses patience, Memory lane roses, amnesia roses, jasmine, phlox and theslpi bell.


Nikki and Dave

Flower Theme Red Naomi and white naomi roses, jasmine and ivy berries.

0221- Diane & Michael - 250414.jpg

Diane and Michael

Flower Theme Pink Vintage of Sweet Avalanche roses, Cool Water, Amnesia, with lizyanthus, jasmine, and ranunculus.


Sue and Matt

Flower Theme Red peonies, germini, freesia and ferns


Misty and Tom

Flower Theme romanic and blousy of white hydrangea, norma jene roses, astible.


Troy and Aarron

Flower Theme bright yellow roses, lemon and limes and lush arrangements.

Image Credit


Laura and Shane

Flower Theme of classic white peonies, spray roses, veronica and jasmine.


Anna and Daniel

Flower Theme Vintage and blue bells with scabious, white roses, veronica, and delphinium.

Kate and Jason

Flower theme yellow and lilac with amazing cathalina roses, sweet peas, lizyanthus, and freesia.


Nikita and William

Flower theme in Lemons and creams vintage style of Cathalina spray roses, freesia, dille and jasmine trails.


Jessica and Nathan

Flower theme Vintage of Miss piggy roses, celosia, dahlia and glorisa.

Image credit


Gemma and James

Flower Theme vintage with amnesia roses, pink astible, smoke bush, and astrantia.

Kirsty and Michael

Vintage autumnal theme with grand prix roses, sedum, lysmachia, smoke bush and peach avalanche roses.

Danielle and Adam

Vintage flower theme who loves daisy's flowers used White peonies, daisys, and capsedia.

Image Credit James Sia Photography

Join me for part 2 coming soon for the amazing photo shoots I was involved in.

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