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Memories of 2014 Part 2

The Photo Shoots

I've been very lucky to be involved with some amazing suppliers last year on gorgeous photo shoots.

I love being involved in shoots as this gives me an opportunity to be creative and show different ideas for future brides who are lokking for soemthing a little different for their wedding.

I had the pleasure to work with Sarah from Folega Photography her detail for chic romantic style in her photography really sets the flowers in a different way which I love.

Here are just some of the best bits from each shoot last year.

Literature Shoot

This shoot was held at Cusworth Hall's library and we thought we would come up with ideas themed on literature.

So my ideas was these below on the bottom of each image there is a little short description of each design.

Love Letters

This idea was something I've been thinking for a while instead of letter for funerals why can't we use the same method for Weddings?

So I came up with this idea using textures and groupings of flowers of Green cymbidium orchids, amelia roses, abiflora, celoisa, splash spray roses and galax leaves with moss to finish.

Cascading Bouquet

Been loving this idea of cascading bouquets which has been very popular this 2014 so I decided to design this version of Eucharis flowers surrounded with lysmachia and asparagus ferns. This design is lovely and comfortable if you love very natural style flowers perfect.

For a little drama for the shoot I used my old wine cooler and designed a simple arrangement of eucharis and asparagus fern.

The compact styled bouquet of Celosia, abiflora, miss piggy roses, and amelia roses touched with asparagus fern to lighten.

And finally the Prayer book spray, this idea was very popular with brides years ago a tradition that has been forgotten about where you would carry a bible and to decorate it with a Prayer book spray.

My version was used simply with Splash sensation roses, rolled galax leaves, asparagus fern and thelspi bell.

Everyone who was involved in this fabulous shoot were amazing.

Photography | Sarah at Folega Photography Photographers Assistant | Misty Rowe Location | Cusworth Hall Hair | Alison at Alison Jenner Hair Make up | Jenni at Make up by Jenni Flowers | Lauretta at Paeony Floral Design Set styling | Maria at Simply Something Blue Dresses | Kelly at KMR Bespoke Bridal Headpieces | Lottie at Lottie Loves Vintage Cake | Emma at Bibbidy Popity

Below is a little Video of more images from this gorgeous shoot by Folega Photohgraphy.

This shoot has been featured on

The 1950's Styled Shoot

Again working with Sarah at Folega Photography and Kelly form KMR bridal design.

We decided to go with a theme of 1950's and colour to be Lilac and Lemon which is an unusal colour scheme to use.

So my ideas was to use an authentic 1950's wicker handbag with flowers inside.

The Handbag

So inlove with the idea of using acessories for your wedding and if you love handbags or hats this is perfect.

Flowers used Vanda orchids, Yellow Penny Lane roses, Violet Armando roses with dahlias, lilac sweet peas and passion flower trails

Stunning bouquet to match the Vivienne Westwood shoes with Flowers used Vanda orchids, Yellow Penny Lane roses, Violet Armando roses with dahlias, lilac sweet peas and passion flower trails.

Hat dressed with dahlia and vanda orchid and ferns.

Bird Cage arrangement

Flowers used on a posy base of textures of Flowers used Vanda orchids, Yellow Penny Lane roses, Violet Armando roses with dahlias, lilac sweet peas, hydrangeas, and euculptus.

The amzing suppliers involved was

Photography - Folega Photography Dress and Accessories - KMR Bridal Make up - Sarah Gray Hair - Gypsy Rose Hairdressing Styling and Props - Smply Something Blue Wedding Stationery - Bonny and Clyde Flowers - Paeony Floral Design Location - Cusworth Hall Cake - The English Rose Cake Company

This gorgeous shoot has been featured on

And a another gorgeous video of more images of this shoot by Folega Photography

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