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Wedding Tip - 1 year to go

Welcome to my new feature, once a month I'm going to help and guide you on how to choose your wedding flowers. It doesn't have to be daunting it can be very exciting and there is nothing else like holding a fresh bouquet of flowers that has been handcrafted for you.

My first tip to start with is - if you have 1 year to go till your special day is to compile a scrapbook or set yourself a Pinterest Mood board. Search for terms of the types of flowers you love and colour scheme. If you have already chosen the bridesmaid dress then you have already begun to know what colour flowers you would love to go with them. Sometimes if you are brave and want a colour pop scheme, rather than going with the tones of the dresses you can always look at the opposite colour. For example if your bridesmaids are wearing blue then why not go for peaches or oranges.

If you already know which florist you would like to be part of your special day then book them immediately as lots of florist's can be fully booked the year ahead.

Like myself I try not to have more than 1 wedding booked on the same day as I like to make sure my brides have my full attention.

I hope you like this first step to choosing your wedding flowers. If you would like to book a consultation with me, you can email me and send me your full details about your wedding flowers.

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