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Emily and Steven - Warmsworth Hall

A Cath Kidston themed wedding for you today of Emily and Steven's wedding.

Emily and Steven got married in July at a very local venue to me Warmsworth Holiday Inn.

Emily just loves flowers and Cath Kidston and wanted the flowers to be in pink shades to compliment with the 50's styled bridesmaid dresses.

Flowers used was of course was Peonies, Pink revival roses, cupcake roses, clematis, bouvardi, dille, veronica, and pink lisyanthus finished with my trademark foliage this year passion flower trails.

For the venue she wanted to be totally blown away with flowers when she walked in so I suggested she should have tall arrangements for the table centres filled with all the flowers featured in her bouquet and stunning lush Hydrangeas for impact.

I also added some pink coloured dye in the water to brighten the flowers in the room more which just looked lovely. I also placed amaranthus trails down the side of the arrangements just add some more texture.

Emily wanted labels on the flowers so she could give the arrangements to her family and friends which was a fabulous idea as these arrangements could taken off the vases and then be used as low table arrangements.

I would like to thank Hayley's Photography for kindly giving me the first 4 images on this blog. And the images of the tables were taken by myself.

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