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A Cotton Inspiration

You may recongnise these gorgeous two, it's Lucy and Stuart who kindly joined us for this Cotton inspired shoot. These were my lovely couple who get married New Years eve 2 years ago. And they got to wear their Wedding outfits again!

So as Cotton represents 2 years of marriage we decided to come up with a theme around it.

My contribution to this theme was a Masala colour themed bouquet of Red naomi roses, cotton twigs with cestrum and ivy berry edge. I designed it like a Victorian posie It is basically made up of concentric circles of plant material. The circles were meant to represent everlasting love which is why it was so popular at weddings.

I also finished the bouquet with trailing ribbons as this is the latest trend for 2015 to match with the bridesmaid dresses and colour theme of the wedding.

As always I'm actually on set when doing these shoot so while Lucy was getting ready with Hair by Laura from L.H. Professional Hair and Make Up by Sarah from SarahGrayMua I made this little flower belt of cotonieaster foliage, Orchids and Upper Secret Roses.

Laura used all the little bits of flowers left over to place in Lucy’s Hair that really complimented with the dress which was Lucy's very own wedding dress a Claire Pettibone Viola Lucy reminded me of a little flowery nymp.

And of course lets not forget about Stuarts buttonhole which was made to go across his pocket bit like what he originally had for his wedding. I used Upper Secret roses, with Cestrum, Ivy Berries with a touch of jasmine.

We took chairs for them to sit on in the landscape chosen for the setting of the shoot which was near Grindleford Derbyshire.

I have to say we did have funny looks as it was very popular place for walkers.

A gorgeous Urn arrangement made with all the flowers chosen for the shoot and a complimentary chair decoration a lovely idea if you are wanting some decorations on a chair but not having chair covers.

Loved working with these amazing suppliers

Photography Folega Photography

Make Up Sarah Gray

Stationary Bonny and Clyde

I hope you enjoyed this inspirational shoot. If you love my work you can also follow me on Instagram Facebook and Twitter for the lastest flowery news.

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