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Woodland Fairytale

Just before it started to get very very cold I was involved in this little autumal shoot. Without months of planning we came up with this wonderful shoot.

Sarah from Folega Photography often ask's me create some flower designs and having worked with her at previous shoots and weddings I just couldn't resist!

Kelly from KMR Bespoke Bridal made the 2 piece in just 24 hours which is just simple and stunning!

Sarah Gray Make Up Artist not only did the make up for this shoot but modelled it too, doesn's she look gorgeous.

The Bouquet

I wanted to make a contemporary styled one as I've not made one in a while, I used stunning fire red parrot tulips with orange spray roses and cotinus foliage with a umbrella fern edge.

The Head Dress

I used dyed oak leaves, with pine cones, spray ornage roses and artifical berries just to give it that autumnal look. As you can see it was a perfect tine agaianst those falling leaves on the forest floor.

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