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Helen and Patrick - Wentbridge House

Now my 2016 weddings have drawn to a close, I have plenty more time to update my blog!

This is just a quick post to show off this lovely couple: Helen and Patrick.

Helen had the exact the style of flowers she wanted in mind: dusky pinks and creams. Beautiful Memory Lane roses, Veronica stocks, hellebores, astilbe and theslpi bell made up this elegant bouquet.

Helen looked absolutely divine in her Enzoani fishtail gown, which was provided by Prestwich and Holmes.

Helen's daughter looked just as beautiful as the sole bridesmaid, for whom I made a smaller version of the bridal bouquet. I was so excited by the finished item, as it matched so well with her lovely dress!

These elegant images were captured by my good friend Louise Prestwich Photography, whom has worked closely with Helen and her daughter on previous shoots.

Helen and Patrick were married at Wentbridge House, and the room was simply decorated with candelabras and vases. Not only were the flowers in the vases, but all around the bottom too.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get any photos of my own as the ceremony was taking place in the same room as the sit-down wedding breakfast, but I think Louise's has managed to capture the beauty of the flowers perfectly.


I still have availability for 2017 and am starting to take bookings for 2018, so if you're still looking for wedding flowers then please do get in touch!

Edited by: Holly Woodward (@inknflow)

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