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Arrangements to say Thanks

As you near your wedding date, you’ll find a very important, completely unforgettable item on your todo list... 'Thank You' presents for your nearest and dearest! You might even hear the audible sound of your credit card *sighing* at the thought of more expense, but it's so important to acknowledge those who helped you the most on your big day.

To make this important partof the day impossible to forget, why not arrange your tablecentres into portable vessels? Then they are ready to hand out to family and friends who have played an important role on the day.

Most of my arrangements are transferable (dependening on size) and you can place name tags on the arrangements so you won't forget who helped make your sepcial day so special. Most couples tend to deliever bouquets as a 'thank you' at the end of their speeches, but, as you are cleverly recycling your arrangements you can do it whenever!

If you are still looking for bespoke and beautiful arrangements for your speical day, please do get in touch.

I still have limited availability for this year and my diary is open for 2019.


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