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Embracing the Seasons

Wow - it really has been a while since I've written anything. But I do have an excuse... I have moved house! We've all been so very busy (as I'm sure many of you will understand) and I've been working on getting the new studio/orangery ready for this months busy wedding season. You should follow me on Instagram - it's the best way to keep to date with the latest news and stories!

So, today's Paeony Tips is: to embrace the seasons.

I know how hard it is for brides to have the full knowledge of what flowers are in season when, and exactly what flowers will be available for the date of their wedding. For example, if you love peonies like me, then from May, June and to the beginning of July would be the perfect month for you.

Although many popular flower types like roses, orchids and lilies are available all year round, others are not. Out of season flowers can be imported, however this is often at a cost. If you want to keep a firm reign on your flower costs, it is advisable to be in-tune with nature and plan your wedding flowers around the season you are marrying in. You should also be mindful that flower costs inflate significantly around Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Also, european peak holidays can effect prices when they are in high demand.

I always try to encourage my brides to be flexible regarding varieties of flowers, so we can introduce seasonal flowers and British flowers where possible. Choosing flowers that are in season and readily available can not only help you make your wedding flower budget go further but it also means the varieties you choose will be at flowers that are at their prime and most beautiful. BUT, if you really have your heart set on those exotic out-of-season flowers, then we can work that out for you.

If you are in need of some help and advice for your wedding flowers, plese do not hesitate to get in touch. Dates available for this year are running out fast, so get in touch soon! I also have dates available for 2019 and I'm starting to take bookings for 2020.

I hope you enjoyed reading this month's Paeony Tips, see you next month!

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