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Botanic Shoot

I’ve been waiting to share this stunning shoot with you for a while now, and as it's my birthday this week this is my favourite!

I used Vuvuzela roses, avanatique roses, queens red heleborous, sarah bernhardt peonies, blue muscari, fritella, blue veronica, sword ferns and jasmine to put together these more informal bouquets. They were finished with Kate Cullen ribbons, which are just so luxurious.

I wanted to use a colour scheme that was rich and deep in colour but also make sure it was full of texture to perfectly match the botanical theme.

The colour palette is fantastic! If I do say so myself...

The head dress was made mainly from Hellebore red queen, blue muscari and jasmine.



Folega Photography


KMR Bespoke Bridal


LH Professional Hair


Hannah Caval Make Up


Sheffield Botanical Gardens


Millie @Model Students

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