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How to Center-stage your Bridal Bouquets

Hello all!

I've decided that every month I'm going to share with you some of my floristry magic (aka my top tips) to help you, beginner or expert, get the maximum effect with your wedding flowers.

This month it is about making your bridal bouquets become center-stage. I always alway always suggest to my brides-to-be (especially when you have many bridesmaids why not re use your bridal bouquets for your top table, cake table or for the welcome table.

It's always a huge shame to see your flowers wilt throughout the day, so why not place them in a lovely vase? Its a super easy solution (often too easy that it is often over-looked) meaning you and your guests can still enjoy them, throughout the day and after! You will find this will help the longevity of them, especially if you want to send your flowers away to be freeze-dried.

Best thing to do is to delegate one of your bridesmaids to make sure the bouquets are beautifully placed at your chosen venue, it's really that simple.

This will also save you some money towards the decor of your top table (and/or centre pieces) and will look just brilliant. This is recycling at its very best!

Scroll through below to have a nosey at some examples:

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