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Buttonholes and Corsages

I often get asked what is a buttonhole for, and what the difference is between a Boutonniere/buttonhole and corsage.

The word boutonnière derives from the French word for "buttonhole flower". Similar to a wedding bouquet, in the 16th century, boutonnières were used to ward off bad luck and evil spirits. It was also used to keep bad scents away and was believed to protect against diseases.

The groom's buttonhole should be slightly different to the rest of his groomsmen as, after all, it is his special day too! This also completes the groom's outfit.

Here are some examples below, there will be elements from the bridal bouquet to the theme.

You can expect to pay from £15 upwards.

For the groom's party, the best men and dads' simple buttonholes are perfect for the theme with the wedding flowers chosen.

How to Wear a Buttonhole

You should wear a buttonhole on the outside of the buttonhole of the left lapel, and not in it, secured with a pearl-headed pin from the back of the lapel. The pin will then be invisible from the front. If you have a decorative pin and want to show it off, you could pin the buttonhole from the front.

These can start from £8

The ancient Greeks thought that wearing a corsage might protect the wearer from evil spirits. A corsage is a symbol of prestige and honour in today's society. A corsage is always appropriate, whether worn to show respect, to ward off evil spirits, or simply to add a bit of flair to an outfit.

The mothers of the bride and groom normally wear corsages, but it is a good idea to include the grandmothers too. Check what they are going to wear so that appropriate flowers can be chosen for the corsage. These are worn on the right lapel.

How to Wear a Corsage

Corsages usually come complete with a pearl-headed pin that you push through the back of the garment, through the corsage, and back through the garment. Corsage magnets are also available for delicate fabrics where a pin may damage them. A small magnet is incorporated at the back of the corsage design, with a thin metallic disc placed on the back of the garment that secures it in place.

These are a bit more expensive as there is a lot of wiring skill involved and can expect to pay from £20

Page boys can also where a buttonhole and you can always make them more personal by attaching their favourite animal or lego figure to keep afterwards. I tend to make these with a safety pin or magnet.

These generally start from £5 upwards (figure not included)

I hope this answers some questions you may have had. If you are looking for a wedding florist in the Yorkshire area please do contact me to see if I have availability for the date of your wedding in 2023 or 2024just click on the button below.

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